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Geoffrey and Caroline Robertson are having a dinner party to celebrate ten successful years of Mighty Midget Vacuum Cleaners, the company he jointly owns with Tim McArthur, and to add spice to the evening they decide to make it a murder mystery dinner. They are joined by Tim’s wife Anna; Duncan Crocker, the company’s Head of IT, and his wife Tanya; Martin Charlton, the Financial Director and his wife Lydia; and Geoffrey’s PA Nicola and her partner Nigel.

And Geoffrey has a special surprise – he has invited the well-known crime novelist Agatha Crusty (pronounced Croosty) to join them. She is in the area promoting her latest book and agrees to be guest of honour. When she arrives, each of the guests is given a part in the murder mystery and a costume to wear, and the game begins.

A recorded voice tells them that they are to discover the murderer of Lady Maude (played by Caroline) in Feersome Manor, her remote country house, one wild and stormy night…

Then life imitates fiction when Caroline and Geoffrey’s own remote Victorian house finds itself in the centre of a storm so bad that the river floods and they are cut off. Worse, the power fails and in the darkness a shot rings out and one of the guests is murdered. And since everybody else was together when the murder was committed, they are as perplexed as they are worried.

Then, when another murder happens in the same way it is no laughing matter… except this is an Agatha Crusty murder mystery so there are laughs a-plenty. And also a genuine mystery that will keep the audience guessing as well as laughing.

Our last performance was a Murder Mystery Play WHO KILLED THE HEADMASTER?

The audience witnessed a short play in three acts with a break between Acts 1 and 2 to discuss clues with their team over a delicious supper. At the end of Act 2 the teams submitted their ‘Whodunnit’ sheets with their final answers as to who they thought the murderers were. Then, after the final act, Act 3, the culprits were revealed.

Saturday, March 25, 2023 – Speke Hall, Dowlish Wake

Final curtain for Who Killed the Headmaster

The Barrington Players team

Our previous performance was: Out of Focus by Peter Gordon.

This extremely funny full-length play, featured a wonderful mix of local characters from the local community who descended on their Church Hall with ensuing chaos and confusion